Current Heavy River Flows: Caution, Damages, and Exciting Opportunities

The rivers in the Gunnison area are experiencing heavy flows, and it’s crucial to stay informed about the potential dangers and damage they can cause. However, this situation has a silver lining: The high flows are expected to bring the Blue Mesa Reservoir close to its maximum capacity this summer.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the implications of these heavy river flows, provide resources to monitor water levels and share exciting news about a record-breaking catch at the Blue Mesa Reservoir.

1. Understanding the Impact

The rivers are peaking soon, and the high flows can pose significant dangers. It’s essential to exercise caution and prioritize safety during this period. Swift currents, submerged obstacles, and unpredictable conditions can make rivers hazardous for recreational activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing. Additionally, the force of the water can erode riverbanks and potentially cause damage to nearby properties and infrastructure.

2. Blue Mesa Reservoir Filling Up

One positive aspect of the heavy river flows is their contribution to the Blue Mesa Reservoir’s water levels. The increased flows are likely to fill the reservoir near capacity this summer, ensuring ample water supply for various purposes. This is good news for both the environment and the communities that rely on the reservoir for recreational activities, irrigation, and other water-related needs.

To keep track of the water levels at the Blue Mesa Reservoir, you can visit the official website: Blue Mesa Water Data. It provides up-to-date information on the reservoir’s current water levels, offering valuable insights for residents and visitors.

3. Record-Breaking Lake Trout Catch

In exciting news related to the Blue Mesa Reservoir, a world-record Lake Trout catch recently took place! An astonishing 73-pound Lake Trout was reeled in, showcasing the reservoir’s incredible fishing opportunities. This accomplishment highlights the rich biodiversity and thrilling experiences available to fishing enthusiasts in our region.

Photo Credit: Scott Enloe

4. Stay Informed with River Data and Warnings

For accurate and real-time information about stream data, including river flows and other relevant parameters, you can visit the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) website: USGS Water Data. This resource will help you stay updated on the current river conditions and make informed decisions regarding river-related activities.

Additionally, it’s crucial to stay aware of any river warnings issued by the local authorities. The sheriff’s office typically provides official river warnings to ensure public safety. Keep an eye out for warning images or updates the sheriff’s office shares to stay informed about potential risks associated with the heavy river flows.


While the heavy river flows can bring about dangers and damages, they also present opportunities for the Blue Mesa Reservoir to reach near capacity. By prioritizing safety and using the provided resources to stay informed, we can navigate this period effectively. Let’s cherish the natural wonders and recreational opportunities our region offers, ensuring responsible and enjoyable experiences for everyone!